John Hollinger:

Last season Stuckey played 3..."/> John Hollinger:

Last season Stuckey played 3..."/>

Rodney Stuckey makes John Hollinger’s All-Breakout Team


John Hollinger:

"Last season Stuckey played 31 minutes a game for the league’s third-slowest team. This year I expect the Pistons to play less slowly, and I expect Stuckey to move up to around 34 or 35 minutes a game. Combine those two factors with another year of experience and the departure of Richard Hamilton, and Stuckey’s scoring average could move into the high teens.He quietly took a solid step forward offensively last season and is getting his post game to the point where small guards are dead meat against him."

We’ve been waiting for Rodney Stuckey to break out for a few seasons, and he keeps making small steps, but never the big one. Is this the year? I’ll believe it when I see it.