At least one British writer wasn’t impressed by the Pistons and ‘franchise player’ Kyle Singler


This column by Oliver Brown of the Daily Telegraph is full of musings from someone who seems to have watched basketball for the first time in his life when the Pistons played the Knicks Thursday. No passage cements how little Brown knows about basketball than this:

"The telltale sign we were in London, not Michigan, was the reception for the Pistons. This was supposed to be a home game for Detroit, and yet franchise players such as Greg Monroe and Kyle Singler ambled into the arena as anonymously as a pair of very tall men rounded up from a rush-hour Tube train."

I, like most Pistons fans, appreciate the contributions and effort of Kyle Singler. But if Kyle Singler is a franchise player on this or any NBA team, that team is in serious trouble.

And speaking of Singler, via The Basketball Jones, Rasheed Wallace got him: