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Jonas Jerebko opting into final season of contract, will make $4.5 million


Jonas Jerebko, via Borås Tidning:

"I’ve already made my decision. I have a year left in Detroit, and I drive on. It’s a very important summer season and waiting now."

"I feel I can be much better than what I got the chance to show this past season"

Jerebko on his previous experiences with Stan Van Gundy:

"It got very positive reactions. I remember him from when he coached Orlando and it is an experienced coach who has been in the league a long time.I always talked to him when we met, and I know he likes my playing time."

"We will sit down and go through some things. What does he look at me? What does he want? What kind of player he thinks that I should be? What should I do extra work much on? It will be fun to have a little talk."

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