Cleveland Cavaliers Offseason and how the Detroit Pistons matchup

CLEVELAND, OH - MARCH 14: LeBron James
CLEVELAND, OH - MARCH 14: LeBron James /

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a tumultuous offseason, trading one of their stars and acquiring the Nets’ pick. Let’s see how the Detroit Pistons match up.

The Cleveland Cavaliers offseason was built around trying to establish more depth to compete and exact revenge on the Golden State Warriors team that beat them 4-1 in last season’s NBA Finals. Almost everyone in the world heard about their blockbuster trade shipping out Kyrie Irving, but what other moves have they made? How do the Detroit Pistons match up? Let’s find out.

Players In:

Players Out:

How the Cavaliers match up with the Detroit Pistons:

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Point Guard: Reggie Jackson vs Isaiah Thomas

Both guards in this matchup have the reputation for being offensive focused, and struggling on the other side of the court, both players are also coming off injuries. This matchup will come down to whoever has more impact on the offensive side of the court, and assuming Thomas is as productive as he was last season, he should win this matchup.

Shooting Guard: Avery Bradley vs Jae Crowder

This matchup will be fascinating.. ex teammates, and both players known primarily for their defence. I think Bradley’s offensive game has expanded more than Crowder’s has and therefore he should take this matchup.

Small Forward: Stanley Johnson vs LeBron James

Two words for you… LeBron James. I will however be interested to see how Johnson goes defending one of the greatest players of all time.

Power Forward: Tobias Harris vs Kevin Love

Another fascinating matchup. How will Kevin Love play this season? Tobias’ main challenge will be running Love off the three-point line. Which I think he will be able to do, and his offensive versatility may give him an edge. I’ve got this matchup tied.

Center: Andre Drummond vs Tristan Thompson

Drummond has the physical edge over TT here, but TT always puts up one hell of a fight. TT’s range will put pressure on Andre getting out and contesting shots. I’ve got this matchup tied too.


The Cavaliers have done a good job adding depth this offseason, particularly their backcourt off the bench. The Detroit Pistons have good depth through their bench too, however due to the quality of their big men compared to the Cavaliers; the Pistons take a slight edge here.

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LeBron James gives any team a huge edge, he is a transcendent talent that makes teammates better around him. Cavaliers should take the season series against the Detroit Pistons, however the Pistons did even the series last season, and should look to do the same.