Deep dive into the most popular draft prospects for the Pistons

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3. Matas Buzelis - G-League Ignite

Strengths: Team Defense & Off-ball Movement Weaknesses: 3PT Shooting & Self-Creation

Matas Buzelis was at one point projected to go number one in this draft according to some mocks, but after an up-and-down season for the G-League Ignite, Buzelis could land in Detroit at number five.

The 6-foot-9 197lb forward averaged 14.1 points, 6.6 rebounds, two assists, along with near two blocks a game this past season on a 45 percent clip. A competitive off-ball threat, Buzelis has tremendous team defense. He provides size and switch advantages as one of the most notable yet underlook aspects of his game is his ability to be on the helpside. Along with the ability to add a cushion to his teammates on that side of the floor he provides great rim protection and has pro-level timing on blocks when the ball gets to the paint.

On the offensive side, Buzelis is an excellent cutter with constant movement when off the ball. He is always seen moving with a quick stride that helps him make his way into the paint with easy for easy passes inside. For a team like Detroit, that may be one of the missing pieces that could open up Cade Cunningham's game and create more opportunities such as lobs for the team to score. Adding to this off-ball movement, Buzelis is also a threat in transition, shooting 53.5 percent on the fastbreak. With great size and versatility, Buzelis may be one of the best opitions for the Pistons if avaliable.

The most glaring problem in Buzelis' game is his 3PT shooting, shooting only 26 percent from deep. Although a big man, the way Buzelis spaces the floor often requires him to be in catch-and-shoot opportunities, and unfortunately, he only shot 28 percent on catch-and-shoot threes. When guarded, he hit 31 percent, but when left open only 23.5 percent, which are alarmingly inefficient numbers. The problem doesn't seem to be mechanics, as he has a square shot form, but he just cant get the ball in the basket, which is ultimately what matters. Hope is not lost, however, as he did show glimpses while at Sunrise Christian Academy in high school. Part of this shooting problem also is found in his lack of ability to create space for himself.

On off dribble three's, he shot only 7.1 percent, making one of 14 attempts. Buzelis has above-average handles for a big of his size, but when under pressure, this ball handling lacks. He also lacks the strength that you would want from him when pushing towards the basket while operating as a strength-based shot creator.