Pistons selling high or low on Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren

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This should be an offseason of big changes for the Detroit Pistons after four years of futility culminated in the worst record in franchise history. 

They’ve already gotten started by announcing there will be a new President of Basketball Operations who will report directly to owner Tom Gores. 

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Whether that person will keep Troy Weaver and Monty Williams is anyone’s guess, though the Pistons did announce yesterday that Weaver would stay on in his current position of GM though we’ll have to see if that holds or what role he eventually has. 

Things aren’t any clearer when it comes to a roster that has some nice young talent, but needs rebuilt, a task that could include trading one or more of the young players this offseason. Cade Cunningham and Ausar Thompson seem the safest bets to stay, while we could see both Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren shopped at some point if the right deal presents itself. 

The Detroit Pistons selling low on Jaden Ivey 

The problem with trading Jaden Ivey now is that he is coming off a disappointing season where he did not make the expected progression. You can blame Monty Williams for a constantly shifting role, but Ivey was inefficient, turned the ball over too much and still can’t play defense, all problems that put into question his ultimate fit with Cade Cunningham. 

It also brings into question what Ivey’s value would be on the trade market. Would he still be seen as a dynamic young player and potential star or a guy who regressed in year two and still doesn’t have a consistent NBA skill to fall back on? 

After starting every game and making the All-Rookie team in his first year, Ivey likely would have been viewed similarly to a top-5 pick on the trade market, but I do wonder how much that value has slipped. He may not bring back the type of haul Pistons fans are hoping for, and if that is the case, Detroit may be better off keeping him, at least until that value goes up. 

The Detroit Pistons selling high on Jalen Duren 

Given that he is only 20 years old, there is more faith that Jalen Duren will evolve into an All-Star level player, considering he already averages a double-double and was 5th in the NBA in rebounds per game this season. 

The problem is that he doesn’t provide what the Pistons most desperately need from the position, namely rim protection and he doesn’t have the kind of skilled offensive game that teams now covet from a big man. 

Duren may have more value to teams that already have those things and are looking for a young center with big upside, which may make Duren the one who ultimately gets traded. If he plays a third season and still can’t defend, his value will dip, so trading him this offseason may end up be the Pistons selling high on a guy with upside whose faults have not yet been proven.