Pistons could land young star in draft trade with Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons
Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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After a lackluster NBA Finals ended with a thud, the offseason is officially open for business for the Detroit Pistons and the rest of the league. 

Teams can start negotiating with their own free agents, which shouldn’t matter much to the Pistons, as all of them not named Simone Fontecchio will likely be shown the exit. 

With the NBA Draft just over a week away, rumors are starting to heat up around the Pistons and their 5th pick. 

They’ve been connected in speculation to everyone from the Bulls to the Pacers and Trail Blazers and there is still nothing close to a consensus about who they will choose if they do keep the 5th pick. 

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Matas Buzelis has been the most mentioned name, but a sleeper like Cody Williams is also suddenly gaining steam. 

But the Pistons’ best chance to cash in may revolve around big man Donovan Clingan. 

Detroit Pistons: Trading back in the NBA Draft 

There are a number of teams reportedly interested in center Donovan Clingan, which makes sense. 

He has the type of skillset that should play right away and possibly the highest floor in the Draft as a 7-foot-2 rim protector who has flashed skill as a connective playmaker on offense. 

We came up with some ideas for possible trades around Clingan, but the best possibility may not have been mentioned. 

According to Mike Scotto, the Memphis Grizzlies have set their sights on Clingan and will try to move up from their 9th pick, which make present an opportunity for Detroit.